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“In Pictures: 26 family stories that tell history of Shanghai’s Jewish Community” Annemarie Evans review, 13 August 2015, SCMP

This is an absolutely superb and extremely important book. The biographies put a human face on many people who are wandering through all sorts of people’s books. Without question, if someone asks to read something about Baghdadis, all one has to say, “Maisie Meyer’s two books.” You have written the two books that are basic in the field and we owe you a great debt of gratitude.

Professor Irene Eber, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

I think your concept of an anthology of biographies written by family members, plus others by you, works really well.  Of course we know the broad brush history of the Jews in Shanghai, but each of these stories paints a picture of life as it was lived, with all its nuances, complications and joy.  It has certainly enlightened me and I have so enjoyed reading it.

Judy Green, Chairwoman of the Hong Kong Jewish Historical Society

Absolutely fascinating and absolutely enthralling! Even though I am not exactly unfamiliar with a substantial section of the contents, I still found the whole of it totally captivating which left me wallowing in nostalgia!  I am certain most readers will experience similar sensations. I wish you very much well deserved success.

Rabbi Isaac Abraham (London)

Each life is full and rich in so many ways. And so interesting in the inter-relationships.

Bernard (London)